Rollover Bet

You’re Welcome To Our First Rollover For This Season
Which would Begin On 30TH of November, 2018


This will be a GIVE-AWAY FREEBIES for the first 100 persons to register

These are the steps to register for these season Rollover

1, Subscribe to our website and like our Facebook Page
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2, Register with this Bookmaker through the link below:

3, Deposit a minimum of #1k which will be used for this Rollover into the new Bookmaker account you registered earlier.

4, Join our Whatsapp group through this link   ””  to receive picks and updates of the rollover program

5, To confirm your registration, you will need to TEXT or WHATSAPP the following details; “Your Username” OR “User ID” which you used to registered with the Bookmaker requested in STEP 2  To  07087674441

6, NOTE: If you already have a bookmaker that is different from the official bookmaker recognized for this program then you can make a payment of #1,000 to join this program. Click the “Pay Now” button to make your payment.




1. To give a profitable platform for those with interest in sport/soccer betting.
2. To eliminate or better still minimize the worries of long time loss.
3. To pull resource together and control a fair share in sport market.
4. To beat the bookies hands dawn

2.0 Modalities
1. This will be a monthly project and will be reviewed after every month ends
2. The project will be reviewed after every 1month and renewal is possible if interest continues.
3. Returns on investment will base on percentage of investment.
4. Among investors, Board of Trustees (punters) will be voted or nominated to supervise the project.

3.0 Risk Management Plan
This Rollover program has taken time to considered betting with little or no risk based on our experience and achievement in sport betting. However, these are our plans to curtail any form of risk.

1. Punters; There will be provisions of good pro punters within and abroad. Also, among the stakeholders genuine and trustworthy punters( base on previous activities online in terms of sport betting prediction) will be selected to choose/reviews matches before being played

2. Match Analysis; All matches within this season edition of rollover program will be thoroughly analyzed base on H2H, previous performances, current form of the teams involve etc

3. More details will be revealed to pro punters.


The idea of this investment plan is based on betting on odds between 1.30 to 1.50 on a daily basis.
This will give us an average of 30% return on each bet. Did I hear you say the odds are small? YES! But when accumulated it reaches huge figures in no time!
It’s very easy to comprehend, to start with, we will be placing bet on the games our punters are very confident about and absolutely 100% assured of it, and the odds wouldn’t be more than 1.30 to 1.50 odds and place a minimum bet of #1,000 on it. When we win we put all the returns onto another 1.30-1.50 odds.
(See Table fig. 1.1 for reference)

For example:
If we place a bet of #1,000 at the odds of 1.30 we will have returns of #1,300.
For second bet, we put all #1,300 on another banker produced by our punters at odds of 1.30.
We keep doing this over and over again until we reach our goal of reasonable amount
We can reach our goal within one month if we place a bet once a day and multiple bets within a day will fasten our target to reach our targeted goal of reasonable amount in less than three weeks!


Table Fig 1.1

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